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FAQs for Donors

Is my donation tax-deductible? Yes. Your gift is fully tax deductible. Greenwood County Community Foundation, which administers Greenwood Gives, is recognized by the IRS as a public charity. (EIN# 27-0388708) Your PayPal receipt email serves as your receipt from the Community Foundation for tax purposes. 

Is making a contribution on the internet safe and secure? Yes. Greenwood Gives uses PayPal, the industry leader, to process gifts in a secure manner. PayPal allows you to use a credit card, a bank card or a direct deduction from your checking account (all using a secure and safe connection) through the Internet.

What if I prefer to give anonymously? This feature is available when you give through PayPal. Just note that you wish to remain anonymous in the “comment” section of the donation process.

Will my contact information be shared with the nonprofit? You can decide, on a gift by gift basis, if you want your contact information shared with the nonprofits you support. During the donation process you can choose to make your gift anonymously.

Can I use my donor advised fund to support projects on Greenwood Gives? Yes. Please contact Greenwood County Community Foundation at or call 864-223-1524 to learn about other ways to give.

Can my gift be returned? No. Once your transaction is complete, funds cannot be returned. 

Can I write a check? Yes. A check written to the Greenwood County Community Foundation (or GCCF) can be credited to the project you want to support. 

What happens if the project I donate to does not reach its goal? Projects on Greenwood Gives are live for the 90-day period indicated. If the project funding goal is not met in this time, funds donated will be disbursed through GCCF’s general granting category most closely related to the underfunded project (ex. Education).

Whom can I contact if I have more questions? E-mail your questions to

FAQs for Non-Profits

Who is eligible to participate on Greenwood Gives is available to IRS-recognized public charities serving Greenwood County, South Carolina. Religious organizations are welcome to participate as long as the project they are posting has a broad community benefit.

Can schools and teachers participate? Yes! We welcome projects that benefit a classroom or an entire school.

What types of things can our organization ask for on Greenwood Gives? Your organization can raise funds to purchase tangible items or to provide specific services. Many donors want to see the direct impact that their donation has on an organization. By asking for funds for particular purposes, donors will understand exactly what they are giving to.

How much money can we ask for? Greenwood Gives allows an organization to submit an initial request for a 90-day project. Requests must be no more than $3,000 for each project. After a successful initial project, an organization can have two active projects on the website at any time.

What does the process of submitting a project look like from start to finish?

  • Complete and submit an application. (in Microsoft Word format: Greenwood-Gives-Application; as .pdf: Greenwood-Gives-Application)
  • GCCF staff  will review your project in a timely manner. If approved, the project will be uploaded to the website. We may edit your text slightly.
  • You will receive an email indicating when the project is live. Spread the word among your supporters and friends to generate donations and help you reach your goal.
  • Once your funding goal is reached, you will be notified and your project will be designated “Funded” on the Greenwood Gives website. Your organization will receive a check in the full amount from Greenwood County Community Foundation.
  • Complete and submit a Final Report to GCCF. (in Microsoft Word format: GG Final Report Form; as .pdf; GG Final Report Form)
  • Saying thank you to your donors is essential! Be sure to acknowledge donations of all amounts. This keeps you in communication with supporters, and enhances the success of your next project.
  • Unfortunately, not all projects will reach their goal. It is critical that you monitor your funding progress and continue to encourage donors to give. If you find yourself in this situation at the end of your 90-day project period, don’t give up! Browse examples of successfully funded projects and try again!

What kind of photos should I send? Bright, clear photos that support your request help make your project compelling and motivate people to give.  Please submit all photos in .jpg format (electronic submission preferred).

What happens after I submit my project information? Greenwood Gives staff will confirm your IRS status and may make minor edits to your text. How quickly your project moves through the approval process depends on the number of projects that are currently under review and/or active on the site.

What happens when my project goes live? Have an announcement prepared and send it to your board, donors, and friends through email, Facebook, your website, and any other means of communicating with your organization’s supporters. Social media links are embedded in Greenwood Gives to encourage donors to share your project. Be creative, and do whatever you can to attract donors to your project!

How long do I have to reach my project goal? Projects are live on Greenwood Gives for up to 90 days, unless fully funded sooner. Keep an eye on your project. As you near your goal, email those who have given to encourage a final push and repost your project on social media.

What happens if my project does not reach its goal? If your project expires before reaching its goal, any funds donated are retained by the Greenwood County Community Foundation to distribute as unrestricted funds in the granting cycle for your project category. Please consult with Community Foundation staff about applying again. We want you to be successful on Greenwood Gives.

How many projects can our organization have on Greenwood Gives? After your initial successful project, you can have two live projects at a time. We strongly encourage you to create multiple projects, so you always have one available to go live. When your project reaches its goal, celebrate! You will be notified of your project’s success. The Greenwood County Community Foundation will process the donations and send you a check, along with the names and email addresses of your donors. Then comes the most important part of your success: after you receive the funds, you will need to be in touch to thank your donors individually and put your gift to work.

How are donors thanked for their gift? Donors receive an initial thank you and confirmation receipt after making a gift from Greenwood Gives/The Greenwood County Community Foundation through PayPal. Thanking your donors and letting them see the impact of their donation is the most important part of Greenwood Gives and helps motivate them to give to your next project.  Here are a few ideas for thanking your donors:

  • Make a video showing the donors how their gift is being used. Post it online and email them a link.
  • Send them a photo of your organization at work.
  • Scan art work or handwritten thank you notes to attach to your e-mail.
  • Invite them to a reception or tour at your facility.
  • Send them a redeemable donor coupon offering them something special.
  • Write them a note, poem or song.
  • Use your imagination and think of something appropriate and perhaps unique to your project.

Whom can I contact if I have more questions? E-mail your questions to or call 864-223-1524.