Music Room Rug

Cambridge Academy (new music rug)

We need a bright & colorful music-themed rug for our Cambridge Academy classroom

Every year we placed five strips of tape on our music room floor. We use these lines to practice placing music notes on the lines and for playing music games. By the end of the year, our tape is ripped and worn. This rug will be great for our K2 Р8th grade students. The youngest students use the pictures around the outside as places to sit. The elementary students will work on note placement and the middle school students can use the rug for review of note placement and musical notation. ALL students at Cambridge Academy spend time in the music room every week. They deserve something nicer than torn up yellow tape. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your consideration. Project goal of $750 met! Congratulations! Thanks to: Patricia Hartung, $115; CA Andrews Enterprises, $115, Callie Turner, $100; Judith Gardner, $100; LC Austin, $100; Katheryn McCallum, $50; Stephanie Turner, $50; Huckleberry Farm, $50; Tim Kilgore, $30; Catherine DiBenedetto, $25; Greenwood Gives donor, $15

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