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Ann at work

Y Day Campers will learn to enjoy eating the fruits of their labor – for the rest of their lives!

It might be hard to imagine, but many kids don’t know where their vegetables come from and probably have never seen a vegetable garden, much less tried to grow anything. Yet, the Y believes that if a child takes care of a garden and grows their own food, they will learn to enjoy eating the fruits of their labor – for the rest of their lives! Help us with our Kids Vegetable Garden! Your donation will help with tools, and other garden supplies. We have thirteen raised beds and want to improve the entire garden area this spring. Our Afterschool kids will prepare the beds and plant the seeds and summer day campers will provide the everyday care and harvesting. Introducing these kids to the fun and challenges of gardening is such a great way to get children outside and active! Join us in Growing Greenwood!  Project funded at $500! Congratulations! Thanks to: Greenwood Gives donor, $100; Stephen Baggett, Jr., $100; Johnathan Bass, $50; Daniel Traynham, $50; Joyce Dilleshaw, $25; Sexual Trauma, $25; YMCA, $25; Patricia Z. Crawford, $25; Jennifer Klein, $25; Angelle LaBorde, $25; Rebecca McIntosh, $25; Asa Stallworth, $25   

Project Duffel Bags

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Something to help ease the minds of children

We serve the foster children and the Guardian ad Litem Program in Greenwood. When children come into foster care whether in the middle of the night or in a group home setting, we provide each child with a duffel bag that is filled with immediate personal necessities like tooth brush, tooth paste, hair brush, pillow, blanket, an age appropriate toy and/or stuff animal. These items are theirs to keep. In most cases the children come into foster care with only the clothes on their backs. We provide these duffel bags to them in hopes to give them a little sense of security. The cost of each bag is around $50 and in 2012 we distributed 42 bags. The money raised will help purchase more duffel bags as that is our biggest expense and some of the contents for the inside. Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated and will be used for this purpose. For more information about “A Voice for the Children Foundation, Inc.” and Guardian ad Litem, please visit Exceeded the Goal of $300 for a total of $315!  Congratulations! Thanks to: Michael Douglas, $100; Diane Rushton, $100; George Swindell, $30; Catherine Swindell, $25; Harriet Creswell, $10